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Explore "Miami South"

Acapulco, located on the Pacific coast 245 miles (395 km) from Mexico City, is one Mexico’s most important and famous beach resorts with a warm, humid climate with sunny days throughout most of the year. Among this port city’s many enticing qualities are its beautiful bay, one of the best in the world, the calm waters of its beaches and the city’s unbeatable nightlife, which offers one of the hottest playgrounds among Mexican vacation destinations.

Acapulco’s marine life, with its varied rock formations, and wide variety of species, make it the ideal location to scuba dive, snorkel and even cave dive. While beaches offer waves ideal for surfers, and calm waters for just paddling around.

Icacos is one of Acapulco’s biggest and longest beaches. The waves are generally moderate and it is perfect for snorkeling. Certified divers can explore more diverse areas at greater depths, such as the spot where the sunken ship, Rio de la Plata lies. While Caleta and Caletilla known for calm waters and gorgeous scenery, are two of Acapulco’s most traditional beaches where you’ll find Magico Mundo Marino amusement park, as well as swimming pools, water slides, restaurants and aquatic sport rentals.

A trip to Acapulco is not complete without a visit to la Isla de la Roqueta (Roqueta Island), where you can either relax or enjoy some scuba diving. The outer lying areas of this rocky island have tropical plant life that you can get to via small boats which will take you to remote spots. If you enjoy observing flora and fauna, this island is a good option thanks to it rich ecosystem full of iguanas, other reptiles and many different species of birds. You’ll also want to check out the infamous La Quebrada, where fearless cliff divers plunge into the ocean below.

If you’re looking for a little excitement of your own, Acapulco offers a wide variety of both sedate and thrilling options. On most beaches, you can rent waverunners that accommodate two or more people, hire a boat for water-skiing, or soar high above on a parasail. You can even take the adrenaline fueled plunge on a bungee jump or swing from a perch on the beach’s famous Skycoaster. If you’re looking for a high-speed adventure, take a speedboat tour of the bay or a nearby lagoon.

In Acapulco, you will find many places to visit which offer ecotourism activities.There are nature reserves with indigenous animal and plant species and beautiful tropical scenery.

At Pie de la Cuesta northeast of Acapulco Bay, you can help protect marine turtles and their eggs. The marine turtle camp called Parador del Sol carries out research and protects the turtles and their eggs from poachers and harm’s way. The hatching season lasts from October to January.

Puerto Marques, just over 9 miles (15km) southeast of Acapulco, is reached via a panoramic highway. In its black lagoon you can take a tour in a dugout canoe to marvel at the plant and animal life in a mangrove swamp. This place is ideal for fishing, as it’s possible to catch swordfish, bass and fiddler crabs, amongst others.

Rio Papagayo, about 45 minutes from Acapulco is considered one of the region’s most important river valleys, this amazing river runs through the jungle of Guerrero in the Sierras. You can see birds flying above the canyon; stroll through this ecosystem to enjoy the many varieties of plant and animal life, from the regional bird species to the enormous crocodiles lying in their natural habitat along the shore of the river.  For those who like kayaking, you can also experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of the rapids of the Papagayo River.

Jardin Botanico, a tropical botanical garden is located within city limits and offers a pleasant tour of a large variety of indigenous plant species: sago palms, tree varieties, heliconia and orchids, among others. You can also see various birds, reptiles and mammals.

Or you can visit a recently discovered archaeological site, Palma Sola, on the grounds of Acapulco Bay’s amphitheater, which is part of El Veladero National Park. See rock carvings of human figures dating back to the beginnings of our era.

El Fuerte de San Diego is an old fort that has been converted into the Acapulco History Museum. There, you can learn about the fort’s history. A spectacular light and sound show is offered, which narrates the history of the port during colonial times.

To keep the kids amused make sure you include CICI Acapulco Magico a modern aquatic park mostly for children. Its main attractions include a pool with manmade waves, water slides and an air balloon that floats 100 feet (30m) high. While at Parque Papagayo you’ll find rides and attractions, such as go-karts, a roller rink and many different games.

Golf is a sport with great tradition in Acapulco, and you would expect nothing less from a top-notch tourist destination. For golf enthusiasts, the port city has four professional, world-class 18 hole courses set in a warm, tropical environment.

Choose from a variety of crafts from many different parts of the nation, however most come from the state of Guerrero. You’ll find seashells and conches, crafts made from coconut palms, traditional sweets, silver jewelry, ceramics, and handmade clothes. If you want something with more local flavor, many small towns sell attractive and original crafts.

Acapulco offers the best in international cuisine and traditional dishes including Ceviche; stuffed suckling pig; Picaditas which is fried tortilla dough topped with various ingredients and a spicy Serrano chili pepper sauce. Other tasty treats are Pellizcada, a type of Gordita filled with fish, olives and spices; fish tamales with Mexican pepper leaf, and Coconut sweets. To accompany the feast, have a drink of Petaquilla, a mescal derivative prepared with local grapes, or sip on a regional drink called a Tuba, prepared with coconut or regional fruits.

A countless number of bars and discos line the strip of Costera Miguel Aleman Avenue, making Acapulco the city that never sleeps. And neither will you!

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