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The Northeast

The Northeast Region of the United States is the oldest region and varies from the largest city (New York City) to the smallest state (Rhode Island). This area is rich with history and culture. There are eleven states in the Northeast. Of those states, six are known together as the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The other five states are known as the Middle Atlantic States: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The nation's capital, Washington DC, is also a part of the Northeast.

Harvest festivals. Pumpkin picking. Apple cider. Fresh sugar cinnamon donuts and homemade pie. There are so many reasons why the Northeast comes alive during fall foliage season and there are no other places on the eastern seaboard where the leaves are more vibrant and the autumn air as crisp.

The region has a landscape varying from the rocky coast of New England to the fertile farmland of the Ohio River Valley behind the Allegheny Front in Pennsylvania. The Isles of Shoals near the Maine/New Hampshire border begins the rocky Atlantic coastline of the Northeast. Jagged cliffs rise up to a hundred feet above the ocean on Maine's northern coast. South of West Quoddy Head Peninsula in Maine, the eastern most point in the United States, the coastline subsides to sandy beaches which extend through the rest of the Northeast's Atlantic coastline.

Between Cape Cod in Massachusetts and Cape May in New Jersey are a series of large islands including Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, Long Island, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Four major rivers' mouths pierce the coastline to empty into the Atlantic: the Delaware at the New Jersey/Delaware border, the Hudson at the New York/New Jersey border, the Connecticut in Connecticut, and the Kennebec in Maine. The Kennebec River extends over one hundred kilometers past Augusta, Maine and into the thick pine forests of Maine. The Hudson empties into New York Harbor in the New York metropolitan area and extends north between the Berkshires and the Catskill Mountains before it terminates in Upstate New York at its source in the Adirondack Mountains. The Mohawk River flows eastward from its source near Utica, New York between the Catskills and the Adirondacks before merging with the Hudson north of Albany. Two of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, also border the region.

The Connecticut River flows south, running along the border of New Hampshire and Vermont between the Green Mountains and White Mountains, before flowing through Springfield, Massachusetts, and Hartford, Connecticut, on its way to empty into Long Island Sound.

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire is Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in the Northeast and the windiest location in the United States. The White Mountains were also the location of the famous geological formation called the Old Man of the Mountain, which collapsed in 2003.

To the west of the Green Mountains on the New York/Vermont border, and extending into Canada, is the glacier-formed Lake Champlain, where Vermont's largest city Burlington is located. The Lake Champlain area drains north into the St. Lawrence river valley.

To the North and West of the Susquehanna are the Finger Lakes of New York, so called because they resemble human fingers, and the Northeast's borders with the Great Lakes of Lake Ontario in New York and Lake Erie in both Pennsylvania and New York. On an isthmus between the two Great Lakes on the New York/Ontario border near Buffalo is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls.

Much of the region is known as New England because of the rich colonial history that exists. See historic homes and battlefields, landmarks of famous events, enjoy outdoor adventures and be spellbound by modern America, particularly New York.

In Connecticut you’ll find beautiful countryside with serene rivers and the picturesque Long Island South coastline. New Haven is home to Yale University which in itself is a sightseeing gem. With an abundance of culture, museums, a lively theatre scene and the many pleasures of the water nearby this is a good place to spend time.

Mystic in the east of the state contains a lot of colonial history and the mystic Seaport - The museum of America and the Sea, is the nation's leading maritime museum. You can board grand old tall ships, there's a recreated coastal village, a working shipyard and interesting exhibits. In nearby Groton the Submarine Force Museum has the world's finest collection of submarine artifacts and is home to the famous USS Nautilus which can be boarded and viewed.

Vermont, Maine and Delaware are charming states with abundant outdoor activities, abundant wildlife and plenty of history and culture.

Washington DC is a must visit for a view of the White House, Capitol, Pentagon and the Supreme Court Buildings and other historic monuments, plus a visit to some of the finest museums in the USA. Dining in Washington is a delight with an exceptional array of ethnic cuisine.

Boston, Massachusetts is an absolute joy. Its modern facade is somewhat intimidated by superb 19th century historic buildings and a fascinating past. Spend a day on The Freedom Trail reliving the American Revolution including the famous Boston Tea Party.

In New Jersey you'll find Liberty State Park overlooking The Statue of Liberty, and home to the historic Railroad of New Jersey and of course the Big Apple is just minutes away.

New York State is more than just New York City but this extraordinary metropolis is the centre of attention. With a spectacular skyline, an almost frenzied atmosphere, fabulous museums, Broadway and famous neighborhoods, nothing really compares to the Big Apple.

Pennsylvania is a state of great history, a plethora of state parks and a robust music and arts scene. Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the USA, is home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed.

Rhode Island belies its small size with many exciting holiday possibilities involving beaches, sports, history and nature. Providence the capital is a true delight with its great range of historical attractions, beautifully preserved old homes, arts and music. Around the city and on the coastline there are many small charming villages with interesting personalities and generous hospitality. Newport is most famous as the home of the America's Cup yacht racing and one look at the magnificent harbor, combined with an affluent heritage tells you why.

Wherever you go in the Northeast you'll find so much to see and do. You'll be surrounded by natural and man-made wonders, and history will come alive before your eyes, so don't delay and put this fabulous region into your vacation list now.

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