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Member and Guest Responsibilities

Breakages, Damages and Exchange Rules

When you exchange your timeshare week for one at another resort or accept a Bonus Week or any other promotional offer at a resort booked through DAE, you are responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of the host exchange resort — just like at your home resort.

All transactions are between DAE and its members, not the member's guest(s). The "on selling for profit" of confirmed accommodation space provided by DAE to the member is not permitted or allowed under any circumstances.

All confirmations are noted with the name of the person to check-in at the destination resort. If, for any reason, this is to change, the member — not the member's guest(s) — must contact DAE and advise the change to the original confirmation details. A new confirmation will be issued by DAE, and the destination resort will be notified accordingly.

The accommodation or timeshare unit must be left in the same condition as when you first arrived — "Clean & Tidy." Any breakages or damages must be reported immediately to the resort staff, and you are responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement of the items damaged. The exchangee and/or guest is responsible for any charges incurred at the resort during the holiday (telephone, tours, etc.).

Respect the privacy of other guests staying at the resort. Treat the facilities and other owners as you would wish you, your family and guests to be treated.

Remember, if you are allowing guests to use your time, YOU are responsible for their actions.

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