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Reselling DAE Weeks Prohibited!

Some members have been attempting to sell DAE exchange weeks, bonus and rental weeks. DAE wants to remind members this practice is NOT permitted.

The reason is simple. DAE has a standard to uphold in servicing our members, making sure they receive the best possible experience when it comes to exchanging or renting through with us. When a member takes inventory from DAE and issues that booking to a third party, we can no longer help the booking consumer with check-in issues, name-change issues or cancellation issues. Moreover, should there be any damage to the unit rented, the original booking DAE member is held FULLY responsible.

When this type of transaction is discovered, the reservation will be immediately cancelled, and the exchange credit and any fees paid will be forfeited.

This is in no way aimed at members who utilise their DAE membership and make a booking for family member or friend in compliance with the Terms & Conditions of membership.

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