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Bonus Weeks


Not Just for You - Treat Your Family & Friends.

Bonus Weeks are a great opportunity to treat yourself, friends or family to a holiday at unbelievable prices. Bonus Weeks are weeks that have been deposited with us and are usually available within 60 days of their check-in date.

All exchange requests have been fulfilled to take up these weeks and rather than let these units go vacant, they are offered to our members as Bonus Weeks, so they are perfect for those members who can get away at relatively short notice.

If you’re not using Bonus Weeks, you’re missing out on some great opportunities!

As a member of DAE there’s no limit to the number of Bonus Weeks, Rental Weeks or daeOptions Weeks that you can book (and no ‘Guest certificate’ fees as charged by some of our competitors) - so why not invite your family and friends to join you or perhaps send them on a holiday of their own. 

All bookings must be made by the DAE member, on your DAE account, either online or over the phone.  Just simply pay the “Bonus or Rental Price” - without using a week in exchange - and advice the guest name travelling and once you have received the confirmation, forward to your friends or family who are travelling to present at reception for check in. 

It is vital to note, that you as the member, will be responsible for the conduct of your guest during their stay and any costs incurred through damage to property will be your responsibility.  Therefore it is imperative that you only make bookings on behalf of those you know and trust.

Why does the number of Bonus Weeks offered vary so much? Sometimes there are almost none and other times there are many.

It’s important to remember that Bonus Time are weeks that have not been taken on exchange up to 8 weeks from check-in date, and so we discount them for last minute getaways, however the number of untaken weeks in the system can vary enormously season to season, and is also a result of how active our members are. So we can only make them available to you if we have them in the system. In most peak seasons Bonus Weeks are in very short supply, however, for much of the year there are a great selection on offer - and remember, they’re not just available in your local region - you’ll find them available across the globe.

If you’re looking for a bargain and can’t find what you want as a Bonus Week, why not consider a discount rental week or, if you have Gold Advantage, taking a daeOption booking on exchange. Please remember that these are not timeshare resorts and to make them available to you at a discount DAE has purchased weeks at wholesale prices, and accordingly the exchange fee for daeOptions resorts is higher.

Tips on How to MakeBONUS WEEKS Bonus Weeks
Work for You!

Try the below tips and tricks to get you on your
cheap bonus week getaway;

  Bonus weeks are seasonal, therefore you will always find more bonus week available during the periods that have a lesser demand for exchange.

  If you haven’t already, sign up online and check the Bonus/Rental availability frequently. New stock is added every day and it is first in first served.

  Be flexible in where you’d like to go - rather than deciding a singular resort or location, be spontaneous and try new places - it’s an affordable way to discover a new ‘favourite’ destination.

  Remember, you can purchase as many Bonus Weeks as you like and you don’t need a deposit credit, so share the fun with family and friends!

  Even if you don’t have a full week to spare, consider booking a Bonus Week for a ‘short’ getaway, the low pricing means that a Bonus Week will often cost less than a 3 or 4 night booking in a motel.

  If you spot something you like, place it on a 24 hour hold to give you time to organise your travel plans.