Dial An Exchange Timeshare, Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service

What a year! Members, resorts and industry partners across the world joined with us to celebrate our 20th birthDAE – and we’ve had a blast.

“This year has been full of many happy moments looking back on 20 years of DAE,” said co-founder, Francis Taylor. “Hearing from members who have been with DAE since our first year, and are still actively exchanging and enjoying their holidays has been particularly special.”

“We’ve celebrated our journey, our staff, our growing network of exchange resorts and shared plenty of great memories with members who have joined DAE over the last 20 years.”

Even though it’s our birthDAE, the gifts have been on us, with thousands of members across the world entering competitions by booking Bonus Weeks or Rentals, renewing their Gold Advantage benefits, depositing their week or simply booking an exchange.

“There are still so many exciting changes ahead for DAE and we look forward to sharing them all over the next 12 months with our members” concluded Francis.

L/R: At our Gala Birthday Celebration - husband Bruce with Anne Burns, Admin Manager of Eastcoast Timeshare, one of DAE’s first resort partners. Marc Chouinard, DAE co-founder and Shelley McClure, exChange Agent with DAE for 17 years.

With Francis at our Legacy Members Morning Tea - Les & Marjorie Mahoney, members since 1997 and still using their DAE membership to travel widely!