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Primary account contact may log in using either a member number or email address.All additional account contacts may log in using an email address registered with DAE

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Click [Next] to add your ownership and join DAE.

Register your Timeshare or Club ownership and use it for exchange

  1. Register your ownership to verify ownership/membership
  2. Verified ownership show up in your profile under Registered Ownership
  3. Choose Bank a Week to turn your registered ownership into a deposit credit
  4. Deposit credits are available for exchange immediately or anytime within 3 years

Note: You can view registered ownership within My profile at the top of your dashboard.

To update/edit/remove an ownership, call: 1 800 468 1799

Tell Us About your Ownership or Membership

Within hours of completing this registration form, you will receive confirmation that your week is now viewable in your profile under Registered Ownership. Once you choose to bank your Registered Ownership, DAE finalizes the verification process.

if you are unsure of your resort name, please type UNSURE and we will call you shortly to verify

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